Gianluca Petrella, trumpet player, composer and arranger

Dear Fabiana good morning.

I opened the CD a few days ago and I was surprised by the beauty of the photos taken in Pisa.

I will use many of them for different promotions, are exactly as I like.

Again a big thank you.

Otto Sauter, International soloist

Dearest Fabiana, thank you so much for your fantastic photos you sent!!

You are really a great Artist and a great Poet with your camera and your heart!!

I really hope to meet you again as soon as possible.

Je t’embarrasse, please take care!!!

Joya Wesley, Fred Wesley’s daughter and manager


you are a gorgeous woman and I’m glad I met you!

You are also a wonderful photographer.

Thank you thank you thank you for the beautiful photos.

I will look forward to meeting you again, too.
Peace and love

Giovanna Grassi and Dale Clavenger, Principal horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Thanks Fabiana

They are really nice your photos, Dale is very pleased …….

On July 2, 2020 will be celebrating 80 years old and already told me that I’ll have to arrange a partysurprise .. it would be nice to hire you!

Paul Wertico, Jazz Drummer

Hi Fabiana,
I love the photos and I really think you captured all the feelings so beautifully!!!
I have to say, for vanity reasons only, I’m not totally happy with DSC_9352 & DSC_9394 (too much pre-show pasta!) but all the other photos are absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much and I hope to get a chance to work with you again soon…you’re great!!!

Pasquale Mirra, vibraphonist and composer

Fabiana good morning, thank you very much.

Your wonderful words flatter me, make me so happy and excited me a little bit!

Your eyesare not so different from mine, as well as love, joy and dedication that you transmit to communicate your photos and your art.

Through your goal and your shots you can express something different, deeper than an image.

You … you succeed !!


Fabiana Laurenzi

My work is an existential need.

Not only do I get to see beyond a moment, to read between the lines of reality, but I get to capture the feelings that go with it.



Fabiana Laurenzi was born in Arezzo in 1979. When she was 25, she started using a small compact camera as a tool to investigate and interpret the world around her. Nature played a leading role when she first set out exploring photography and continues to lead her today. Through her exploration of the macro Fabiana has found that photography is an expression of reality. Intuitively, photography can be a path to deeper exploration of reality and understanding life. It also acts as a tool for expressing herself.

Fabiana continued her education in the world of photography with continuous courses, learning from peers and mentors, as well as through her own work and her time spent with experts in the field. She continuously challenges herself through experimentation and throws her heart and soul into her photography, redefining her style and seeking the truth in this expression of art.

Fabiana’s relationship with her camera has evolved over the years and her work has become more personal, often creating a parrallel between her inner beliefs and her view of the world around her.

Having taken part in many group exhibitions, Fabiana credits a National Geographic photographer for starting her on her professional journey in travel photography; her work taking her to such places as Morocco and India. Fabiana’s career also includes projects in music where she has captured the connection between photography and jazz music. She is a published photographer who has workshopped with international artists, as long as keeping on training, and who has had her work published both individually and in group exhibitions and commissioned projects.

Today, Fabiana continues to pursue her own passion projects as well as collaborations with others as she is always interested in learning more about the craft of photography. This desire to continuously evolve her art is connected to her understanding that to discover your style, to express yourself artistically takes time, it takes connection, the willingness to experience life, commitment and determination.


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